Are you selling something via or any other shopping websites for making extra cash?

If so, this Japanese website, might be useful too (if you understand some basic Japanese… though). This shopping website is specialized for selling items from the world to customers in Japan, who want to buy luxurious products such as CHANEL, COACH, TORY BURCH,… at reasonable prices as let’s say… usually when you buy an Italian brand in Italy, it is cheaper than buying in Japan. Anyway this website lets people especially Japanese people who live outside of Japan, and wants to export some products to Japan to make extra money without having items in stocks, too. It works like… customer places an order, and the seller goes to a store outside of Japan and ships to the customer. This service just takes the margin fee and you can set the price you wants. (so it is similar with ebay anyway but specialized for Japanese.)

I have sold some items via this website too. The items have to be somewhat well-known fashionable brands and the website frequently lets sellers what items are wanted, so it’s worth getting an account there if you have an easy access to shop at brand stores.

The yen right now (April in 2013) falls against U.S. dollar and this service was kind of popular back in 2011-2012 (due to the high rate of yen) but there are lots of shopaholic Japanese women who loves to shop via this website for getting what they really want for their daily fashion



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