Fuchi-ko san


Hola, my first post at lovejp.net!

I’ve been thinking what I should write about Japan… for a while, and I ran into cute little capsule toys in front of Village Vanguard the other day. Fuchi-ko san is a Japanese working girl with corporate uniforms and this little girl is supposed to be displayed at the edge of a cup or glass to “enjoy watching”.  This bizarre, but intriguing figures have somewhat fascinated Japanese toy lovers and the funny thing is that many people now have been posting various photos of “my” Fuchi-ko san in their blogs.  There are even some photo contests from the manufacturer for that.  You can check the photos from their blog here >>


Each Fuchi-ko san costs only 200 yen if you buy at a store besides some are selling higher than the actual prices online right now…!  Fuchi-ko san toys are becoming collectibles! 

タナカカツキ 第1弾 コップ の フチ子 シークレット 入全7種 :全7種 1 レモンとフチ子 2 座る フチ子 3 乗

新品価格 ¥7,680から (2013/4/4 12:05時点)



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