Shio Koji


Shio Koji is a fermented mixture of koji (rice), sea salt and water.It is super easy to make this seasoning and highly recommended for a healthy cooking. If you need more details, this article explains well!

I’ve been making Shio Koji since 2011 when the huge earthquake hit Japan. Why? It is because of radiation effects from Fukushima. I’ve become more aware of healthy foods so as to strengthen immune system for my family after all.  Besides that, the flavor itself is salt but has umami which means… delicious taste in Japanese. You can look it up here too.

Especially, I love to use Shio Koji when cooking Chicken. The meat gets softer and the flavor becomes more strong when using the seasoning.It was kind of trendy back in 2011 and now that Koji is available everywhere in Japan at supermarkets. I usually make it by myself though.


How to make Shio-Koji:

1. prepare Koji and Salt. (the amount can be half and half)
2. Pour water into #1.
3. Leave around 1 week or so to ferment. You must mix with your hand once a day to ferment.



It’s worth trying!




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